Toronto, Canada 2023

Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summit 2023

Join us for an unparalleled experience, where attendees will engage with global leaders, economists, and trailblazers from across sectors.

The purpose of the summit is for you to get international exposure to learning resources, so you can share the information when you return with your team. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Anita Minnow

Conference Coordinator

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Get Elevated

World Leadership Summit Canada 2023

Welcome to the Get Elevated Foundation: Where Dreams Elevate and Futures Ignite!

As we stand on the threshold of renewed opportunity, we’re thrilled to unveil our blueprint for the upcoming Summit.

The past couple of years have been more than challenging; they’ve been transformative. The world paused, and in that silence, over 30% of small businesses met an untimely end. It was a stark reminder of the necessity for adaptability and resilience in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Now, it’s time to rise!

We’ve gathered a diverse and dynamic group of professionals, each a beacon of hope and innovation in their respective industries, eager to share and shape the future post-pandemic. From the bustling lanes of real estate to the cutting-edge corridors of technology, from the hallowed halls of education to the passionate pursuits of political and spiritual leaders, this forum is the nexus of tomorrow’s pioneers.

Here’s what awaits you:

  • Illuminating Insights: Dive into knowledge pools from global industry leaders.
  • Amplified Connections: Expand your network, and in turn, your potential.
  • Boundless Opportunities: Elevate your career and uncover fresh business vistas.

More than just a forum, this is a catalyst for your next big leap. Stay apace with us – every update, every revelation – on our social channels. And for those eager early birds, join our email brigade at [email protected]. Queries? We’re always here to assist.

Get ready to elevate! Your summit to success starts here.

Economic Empowerment

Consider this summit your launchpad for expanding horizons within your domain and fostering collaborative synergies. This year, our focus intensifies on entrepreneurship, providing tools and resources to turn visions into ventures. Immerse yourself in an environment of enlightenment, and let inspiration and motivation guide you to your true calling.

Global Luminaries and Trailblazers

For development to be profound, it must draw from the finest minds and hearts. Thus, we're uniting eminent industry stalwarts, dignitaries, and visionaries. Engage with the best, absorb their wisdom, and enrich your perspective.

Building Bridges and Broadening Networks

The value of a rich, diverse network is immeasurable. Our summit is meticulously curated to bring together leading professionals and government ambassadors, offering a unique chance to amplify your social capital and foster long-lasting connections. Dive deep into collaborative realms and come out with allies, mentors, and friends.

Meet our Amazing Speakers

Kennedy Iden

Author, Vision Architect

Dr. Edward Olutoke

President, ICCIA

Hon. Orok

MD, CDDL Nigeria

Mr. Brad Blazar

President, Capital School, USA

Dean Delpeache

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

Mr. Amos Onyango

CEO, Young Panafricanist

Richard M. Kiernicki

Author & Transformational Leader

Cheryl Ranki

Marketing, Branding Expert

Nadine Lajoie

Featured in Forbes, USA Today, ABC, FOX & CBS Money Watch

H. E. Dr. O. Favour Ayodele

Presidential Aspirant and Diplomacy Director, AIC

Abayomi Agbabiaka

* * * * *

Shannon Green

* * * * *

Ighodaloh Oseyomon

President & CEO, Bamboo Group of Companies
Get Elevated Summit

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Toronto, Canada

Toronto is more than just a city; it’s where art meets commerce, innovation touches every skyline, and every corner holds a promise of discovery. Whether you’re drawn by its financial magnetism, tech revolution, or simply its urban allure, Toronto doesn’t just invite you—it beckons for an unforgettable adventure. Dive in, and let the city’s enchantment sweep you away!

Toronto: The Luminous Nexus of Finance, Tech, and Culture!

Dive into Toronto’s captivating tapestry where culture, innovation, and energy converge. From the soaring heights of the CN Tower to the rhythmic pulse of its waterfront districts, this North American jewel presents an unrivaled blend of experiences. Celebrated as the continent’s 2nd most influential financial hub, Toronto outshines illustrious cities like Chicago, Montreal, and Los Angeles. But its prowess doesn’t stop at finance. Recognized by the New York Times as the heart of a ‘tech boom’, global giants like Netflix, Wayfair, Slack, and LinkedIn now call this city home.

As you wander its historic streets, you’ll be tempted by global gastronomic wonders and captivated by a theater scene rivalling the world’s best. By day, immerse in the hum of markets and vibrant neighborhoods; as dusk falls, witness Toronto’s metamorphosis, illuminated streets buzzing with entertainment and a nightlife that never skips a beat.

Employment in the Financial Sector

8.1% Toronto

7.3% London

6.3% NYC

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