Arif Gilany

After being denied access to higher education, Arif made his way to Canada back in 1993 – passing through five foreign countries in four years. When he was 13 years old – living in a war zone area between Iran-Iraq – his older brother gave him a book titled, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” a novel by American author, Harriet Beecher Stowe. The story had such a deep impact on him, that he developed a burning desire to live in Canada and write books there to help others. Reverse-engineering life in the middle of war seemed like an almost impossible task, yet he found a way to accomplish his wish.

After graduating from DeVry Business University, he was hired right out of school to work as an operations manager at FedEx Ground Corporation.  Whilst there, he also obtained some financial service licenses, rising through the ranks of the company, contributing towards building the third biggest organization in Canada.

In 2012 – while his parents were facing multiple health challenges – he had a eureka moment, where he entertained a health & wellness brand and product for health-ageing.  Subsequently, Arif founded the Camel Company of Canada.

While expanding the company, he was a victim of hit and run accident in 2013 in Toronto.  He was in a ten-day coma and sustained a totally memory loss.  Whilst in recovery, he wrote his first book, “The Mountains Are Calling”, a unique memoir in personal development.

During the 2019 pandemic lockdown he launched “Gilany Coaching and Consulting” with the completion of his second book, “The Ministry of Miracles (MOM)” to help young entrepreneurs and students reverse-engineer their lives and shape their destinies, despite all the challenges of life.

Arif is a speaker, author, and business consultant with superb interpersonal, team-building, and multi-lingual negotiating skills.  He is an asset as a speaker, a negotiator and business developer.

His exceptional abilities of combined talents, highly intuitive and uplifting personality has paved the way to forged inroads between people of all backgrounds, all nations, races, and creeds – to bridge the gap for peace, prosperity, and freedom for building a better world.

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